Saturday, 17 November 2012

Insulating with lime plaster

Insulating external walls using fibreboard ,hemp plaster and lime finish plaster.A complete insulation system

The rest of the room had existing lime plaster which was in poor decorative condition. Rather than remove the basically sound lime plaster we patched some areas with lime mortar, applied a breathable priming plaster that I have developed  and then skimmed the whole area using lime finished plaster.This saves the existing lime plasterwork leaving a beautiful, breathable finish and not costing a fortune

Private house Central London
Phil Bailey

Firstly we floated the fibreboard using lime plaster containing hemp for insulation  

Wall floated ready for lime finish

 finish coat applied and trowelled to a smooth finish 

Finished work

wall finished ready for painting

Fibreboard with hemp lime floating coat

Insulation fibreboard


Floating coat

Before and after patching and skimming existing lime

patching lime plaster
skimming with lime plaster

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