Internal Lime plastering and moulding

We are often asked to look at existing lime plasterwork and it is nearly always the case that although the top or skimmimg coat of lime plaster is in poor condition ,mostly coming off with the old walllpaper,the existing lime mortar backing coat was sound This was normally only remidied by either appyling pva glue and reskimmimg with modern gypsum plasters or taking the whole backgroung off and replastering involving expense and loosing a perfectly good authentic traditional lime plaster.
Having come across this situation many times I developed a lime plaster breathable primer coat and after a few trials we have used it successfully on many restoration jobs saving money and historic plasterwor.Here are few examples of before and after, along with some examples of interior lime plaster plain on lath and with in situ run mouldings and some cast work all carried out on real site conditions

Before and after lime plaster to chimney breast

before application of lime primer

Background before Lime skimming

 There are many more examples of this work.but I am in danger of boring everyone to death .I am sure you get the picture

After lime primer and lime top coat

Lime plastering on lath 

Cast section of repaired cornice 

Cornice repaired 

cornice run in situ by trainee Billy

Moulded skirting run in situ

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