Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Finishing Lime Plaster in Italy June 2013 

This June I returned to the Italian countryside to finish the lime top coats.It seems like a great thing to do but I spent most of the time inside trowling up plaster.I got the lime putty locally the most difficult thing was to get a suitable sand for the finish coat.The background had hardened sufficiently for me to get a really good finish smooth but not flat.leaving the walls not straightened was a good idea since it left some great shapes.I left out some stones either because they were sticking out too far or because they looked great or they were so smooth the plaster would not stick well. Once the plaster dries it will be painted with a breathable paint or a limewash. otherwise it  will be a bit of a waste of time lime plastering it    

Doorway plastered floor to ceiling
Oak shelves plastered in

Open doorway

Stone left exposed you got to do something for stone masons

lovely shapes dont know how they will fix skirting

barreled ceiling 

New window made by me so dont look too close

Finished barreled ceiling 

late night working

some compensation

sunset over the mountains back to the grind

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