Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Limehouse blues

This is a private house in Limehouse East London. I had carried out lime plaster repairs to the hallway of the house and I suggested to the client that she tried a lime plaster technique I have been working on for some time.It is based upon traditional lime plaster stucco materials. I did not want to use acrylics as a binder which tends to be the case with many of the polished plaster products.I managed to produce a very usable lime plaster finish which mixed with earth pigments, in this case cobalt blue and ultra marine blue takes a fine polish with a trowel and can be layed smooth or textured .Since it contains no acrylics or fungicides, or mff balances or suspension agents it is relatively inexpensive to produce and it is great to make a material  that you know is not costing the earth

Textured blue lime plaster

polished lime textured finish

Textured natural lime plaster finish

other colours using natural pigment

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